Heather Landry

I'm what you might call a narrative artist. Every piece I make has a story behind it, so all of my pieces are really story illustrations. My life's goal is to create the same kind of memorable work that burned itself into my consciousness as a child, when a book illustration or album cover had the power to open new worlds to me. I want to do that for someone! For that reason I reach out to as many people as I can by releasing original comics online and doing work for horror and sci-fi zines, sometimes as Sandpaperdaisy Art. Many of my prints and original pieces were created for publication.

My ideas come from my vivid dreams and the crazy things I get interested in. I'll use any style or medium I think will best fit a particular idea, and if I don't know it, I'll learn it. Digital techniques are just one tool in the box and traditional methods another, and I'll often combine them. (At the moment I'm on a 3D fractal binge.) I like taking photos and using those in pieces too, or taking a piece and making many variations on it. I've cut up my art for decoupage and collages, dabbled in clothing design, and taught myself to make simple animations if my art needed motion. In spite of all the styles I use, however, people have told me they can recognize my pieces just the same.

--Heather Landry