Shane Hickrod

As many of us do, Shane started drawing and sketching as a child. But at the age of 18 he saw a retrospective of Francis Bacon paintings at the MOMA in New York City, which made a lasting impression on him. So much so, that he went on to graduate from USI with a BS in Art.

Constantly inspired by the world around him, he engages in his environment directly by enjoying active hobbies like skateboarding and bicycling. He finds those activities meditative, “but with the threat of bodily harm.” Irreverent, intense, and humorous, Shane’s robust view of the world readily influences his style of painting and sculpture. His work is often painted on large canvases, fitting for an artist who lives life in a big way.

"Art statements seem kind of pointless to me and historically have ruined my impression of some works of art. I like ambiguity especially in regards to visual art.  I feel that when a piece is left on its own, it encourages an open dialogue with the viewer and through this collaboration  meaning is found.  We all have our own experiences and baggage that we bring to the conversation. The titles I give my work are usually only a description of some part of the piece; a color or some other embellishment that distinguishes one  from another. I really only do this to make it easier to inventory  because I feel that anything more than that would be leading and unnecessary. I want the viewers  to be able and relate to my work in their own way."

--Shane Hickrod