Group Show

Group Show

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Opening Reception Friday, Sept 1, 2017 at 5 pm

"Small moments of sacredness are fleeting. Each individual finds and celebrates these moments in their own way. The pieces in this series are a direct emotional response to my feelings of disconnection and anxiety. The works emanate from the desire to embrace the creative process as a means to connect with the sacredness of the present moment. The physical act and the unprescribed motions lead to moments of inner peace and clarity."
-- Christina Robinson

"When I began this body of work, I had just been to Istanbul and Paris, two ancient cities where grand religious edifices are spectacularly on display. Hagia Sophia, Notre Dame, the Blue Mosque, St. Sulpice, the Chora Church, Ste. Chapelle...they take your breath away with their minarets, flying buttresses, stained glass, mosaics, frescoes and gargoyles.  To see these places from the inside, you purchase tickets, you stand in line, you jostle amongst the hordes snapping pictures with your Iphone.  But inevitably, you will see someone who is kneeling with a rosary, or washing his feet, or lighting a candle. They are the ones who have found the sacred space--a sanctuary where no crush of people, no body politic exist and even religious doctrine falls away.  Nothing can touch them now but their Maker.  

As I began to paint, I thought of the places and times where I felt the most spiritually connected. And while often I meet God in the face of another human, or the congregation of my church, my most sacred experiences are solitary.  They happen when I'm walking on a street, or in the woods, or uncovering earth in my garden.  And they happen in churches, and mosques and temples, when no one else is there, or everyone else falls away. They happen when I am quiet and open and can feel the smallest vibrations of faith crescendo into my being.  These paintings, simply named, were created using a palette knife only.  The indelicate energy of this technique created openings to the unexpected, and paths to what I find most sacred."
--Kristen Holt Burckhartt

"In this group of paintings, I was trying to capture the uninhibited nature of children’s art. When a child makes art, they are not concerned with the tropes of traditional art. Whether they are painting or drawing, it’s an act of pure expression, unburdened by the confines of conventional art making. Because of this disregard for the conventions of traditional art making and its unrefined methodology, their work can be jarring at first glance. However, in its incongruity a strange beauty is found. I approached these paintings with the same abandon of a child with little regard for formality in an attempt to harness some of the energy, spontaneity and odd allure that I admire in children’s art."
--Shane Hickrod