Anna Maria Whetstine

Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Anna Maria Whetstine creates paintings that cover a broad range of styles, from realistic representation of people or places to abstract interpretations that capture moments in time, emotion and states of being. In December 2007 Anna Maria graduated from Indiana University with a double major in Fine Arts and Spanish She has won numerous awards and exhibited in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was a selected finalist in the XXXI National Painting Contest at the Fine Arts Museum of Lujan, Argentina.

Anna Maria attributes her broad artistic interests to her education and travel experiences.   In 2006, at the age of 21, Maria was selected by Indiana University to study at South America’s prestigious University of Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Santiago Chile. After graduating she decided to return to South America to pursue her career in painting.

Many of her experiences abroad are reflected in her paintings. They express not only her process of adaptation to a new culture and society but also her return to the U.S and the rediscovery of her roots in small town southern Indiana. Many of her paintings depict the realistic world of home and family, putting emphasis on how light and shadow play with the color of objects in the surrounding environment. Anna Maria continues to paint and pursue her art career here in Evansville Indiana. She currently teaches Art and Spanish at St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Newburgh.